The taste of Yellow – Yellow Pages

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Brilliant integrated campaign for the Yellow Pages in New Zealand called Yellow Chocolate.

In January 2010 a new chocolate bar was launched in 2010, and it became the fastest selling chocolate bar in New Zealand, overight, outselling snickers two to one.

So they auditioned for average everyday New Zealander, who would use the power of the yellow pages to create a new brand of chocolate, that tastes like YELLOW!

One rule…he could only get help from businesses listed in the Yellow Pages.

Television spots plotted his progress and users could interact with Josh (the everyday guy that was chosen) via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the video to see how he got on

Simply brilliant.


Boone Oakley – most creative agency website, its official

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Saw this about a year ago, but didn’t blog about (not sure why). Anyway I thought this was on the most creative ideas I had ever seen. In order to stand out from the crowd Boone Oakley a relatively unknown ad agency decided to scrap their website in favour of a more unique approach. YouTube would become the platform for their online presence and utilising the new functionality of annotations they were able to stand out from the crowd.

Well that was 12 months, 1 million views ago and is now possibly the most viewed agency site of all time!? To cap it off, last week they won a Gold Lion at Cannes in 2010. Well deserved!

Have a watch and see where you end up.


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Computer Tan

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Only stumbled across this today, but it appears as if it is over a year old.

The website states:

‘ComputerTan is a revolutionary new online tanning solution.

It’s safe, it’s secure, it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s TAN-tastic!!!’

The hoax website set up by McCann Erickson for skin cancer charity Skcin that promised people they could get regular tans from their computer.

The site allows people to switch on what they expect to be a free tanning session but once the screen has converted to an array of UV bulbs users are confronted with shocking images and facts about skin cancer as well as a link to Skcin’s website for more information.

The hoax launched on February 3 2009 and received more than 30,000 hits in the first 24 hours and over 1 million hits in the first two months.

What an excellent approach to help raise awareness of the dangers of skin cancer…

Facebook: Facts & Figures For 2010

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The Wired 100

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Wired Magazine UK has published its inaugural who’s-who list of the key power brokers in the digital realm to celebrate its one-year anniversary. The list covers the people who are shaping the digital world. Also which influencers can make or break a product launch or determine how people spend their leisure time.

I thought this was a cool list, so decided the tweet about it.

Then to my suprise I picked up the latest magazine on Monday, and there I was (well one of my tweets) on page 12!!

Following that I decided to create a twitter list of all the individuals which can be found here:

Enjoy 🙂

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There is no Page Fold

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Creative ideas in the recession

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Hello readers. Sorry I haven’t updated the blog in a while…been really really busy. Sorry hate starting a blog post that way.

Any who…I have been noticing a little trend and it involves the way in which people are combating the recession in innovative and creative ways.

Here are a few of my favourites…I hope you like them.

Pop Up Store

The Marmite pop-up shop is located on Regent Street and will be open seven days a week during the run up to Christmas. The store will stock more than 100 Marmite-inspired products, some of which will be sold there exclusively. As a huge marmite fan the concept I feel is both creative and intriguing. I have not had the pleasure to visit the store yet, however I am told that it is a two tiered store with a Tea and Toast bar upstairs.  Products include food, clothes, artwork and Christmas boxes.

Visit the official site here:

I really like the idea of a pop up shop (semi permanent  not just a table outside a supermarket), as it places the brand in an ideal location and is also cost effective. Could this strategy be adopted by more brands if this turns out to be a success?

Google Street View

Okay so I have said it before but Google Street View is a great tool….and if used in the right way can be very powerful. I have talked before about the use of it by the Editors ( with their Google Street View Mashup and I think both of these examples are pretty cool.

The Coronation Street example above, can be found here and I think it is a great way for fans (sorry I am not one) to interact with the location. I could see my mum sitting down and virtually traipsing up and down the street to see if you can pick out peoples houses (mainly because she is nosy) but also as it interests her.

GSV is free so why not take advantage of it and use it to promote your brand/product etc…

Viral Campaign

Virals are a great way to spread your brand across the net…and they don’t come much better than this…for The Sun newspaper. Made by Glue London the viral states:

“The Sun has been the UK’s best handheld for 40 years. Top news, sports, photos, gossip and games in an easy-to-share format. No waiting for pages to load, no contract, no losing reception. There’s no substitute for the Sun”

This made me chuckle and I in turned passed the video onto countless friends via Twitter and Facebook. Many companies seem to be trying to jump on the Viral bandwagon with varying success…more examples to follow.

What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later

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Football embracing new ideas…

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Ok so I thought that it was about time that I blogged about two of my favourite things. Football and the interweb. What better way to write about them, than combine the two issues….

This blog post came about after I saw this…

Buy an English Football Club on Ebay.

‘The Tranmere Rovers Football Club is for sale on eBay, for a cool $10 million (£6m), put up for sale by its American owners Dornoch Capital Advisors – a move which has “appalled” Rovers chairman Peter Johnson.’

Check it out on Ebay

Picture 5

Oooo I am glad the shipping is free!

Unfortunately it went unsold as the 6 million reserve was not matched.

This got me thinking what other crazy ideas have been used to draw attention to football?

My Personal favourite is

What is My Football Club, I hear you scream? And why should you really care? This is why…

The concept is simple. Get 50,000 fans from around the world to chip in £35 each and then take that cash, buy a Football club and let the 50,000 members vote on all of the major decisions such as what players should be on the pitch and who they should buy. Simple. Great use of the web, money and collaborative thinking.

This has to be the most original and revolutionary idea I’ve seen involving a football team.

In February 2008, the members purchased Ebbsfleet United football club for £600,000. Situated in Kent, England, Ebbsfleet United play in the Blue Square Premier, which is four divisions below the Premiership…However they are on the rise following this new idea. In May 2008, they won the FA Trophy at Wembley, the club’s greatest achievement in a history that dates back to 1890.

Picture 6

The site has generated plenty of press coverage…

Here are some of the Milestones since the acquisition…

12 February 2008 – Members vote to accept Nike’s offer to become the club’s kit and merchandise supplier.

8 April 2008 – Members vote to freeze season ticket prices at the club.

August 2008 – Members and supporters raise £20,000 among themselves to buy striker Michael Gash from Cambridge City.

September 2008 – MyFC members voted 82% in favour of EUFC selling John Akinde to Bristol City for £150,000 (plus add-ons). This was a world’s first, where the fans had the final say in a transfer deal. Over 7,000 members voted in 48 hours.

November 2008 – The average home league attendance 1479, almost 400 more than the average for the 2007/08 season.

January 2009 – MyFC members vote to sign defender Darius Charles from Brentford for a club record fee of £25,000

February 2009 – A free admission match, decided by members, attracts an 18 year high crowd of 3,750 to Stonebridge Rd. The game is also broadcast live online for overseas MyFC members

So I will think you will agree this has been a great success. Embracing new ideas, technology and financial backing has paid dividends for all concerned. I am thinking about getting involved still myself.

Another example of football embracing new ideas is Coca Cola’s Buy a Player campaign developed by BD. The campaigns main attractions was that it empowered fans to win transfer funds for their clubs to spend on new players.


A great promotion or campaign tugs on the heartstrings; the fact that you could win yourself £10,000 is a big plus, but the £250,000 to buy a player for your cash-strapped football league team is equally engaging, and as the advert above says, mah you a hero. The Win a Player promotion perfectly marries the sponsorship of the Football League effortlessly with the real supporters on the terraces. A powerful and extremely simple concept.

Colin Kazim-Richards at the age of 19, was the first player purchased via the campaign he was signed on a three-year contract by Brighton & Hove Albion for £250,000 from Bury, it in turn, led to Kazim-Richards being dubbed the “Coca-Cola Kid”. Since this Kazim-Richards has gone on to bigger and better things…On 15 June 2007, Kazim-Richards signed a four-year contract with the Turkish club Fenerbahçe. He scored his second UEFA Champions League goal for Fenerbahçe in the quarter-final first leg against Chelsea on 2 April 2008.

So Football and the interweb and some clever thinking have brought about these ideas….I wonder what the future holds…?