GlastoTag – One huge festival photo. A whole load of tags

This is really cool campaign by Orange, they are aiming for the Guinness World Record for the ‘most people tagged in an online photo’ with this 1,300-megapixel picture captured at around 3.45pm on 23 June from Pyramid Stage @ this year Glastonbury Festival. I didn’t go but I kind of wish I had gone, just so I could tag myself in this!

Looks as if I am not the only one who likes this!

What really makes the site useful is the ability to filter the tags to show just your tagged Facebook friends, as undoubtedly you would have lost them at some point. It’s cool to also find out those of your friends you didn’t know were at Glasto!

Well done Orange, didn’t think I’d ever say that!


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Phonebook has a new meaning.


In Japan, internet ad spending of the Internet had grown larger than that of newspaper for the first time in 2009. The introduction of the iPhone, Kindle and iPad frightened the publishing industry. If this went on, paper could become worthless in future? Phonebook’s mission was to find or develop new communication value of Print media.


They focused on the fun of “turning the pages” which is the unique value of print media. Next, they focused on “picture books” for kids and combined the idea with iPhone. That is “PhoneBook”.

Using PhoneBook requires both a children’s book and parent’s iPhone. Children sit on the parents’ laps to flip its pages and the texture of papers as well as actions or music of digital devices. Kindle or iPad will never be able to follow this only with their digital attributes.


・PhoneBook’s demo movie has been played more than 200,000 times on the Internet.
・Over 100,000 people visited the PhoneBook WEB site since its opened.
・Over 3000 tweet about PhoneBook can be seen on Twitter.
・Got 7th place in total BOOK sales ranking in “Amazon. co. jp”.

Samsung 3D Projection Mapping

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This is really clever projection mapping for Samsung to promote their new range of 3D LED TV’s.

Even more cool is this YouTube game (the first of its kind)

NIKE PHOTOiD – Using Color To Connect With Customers

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The campaign has won many awards over the past year, including
MMA Global Innovation award
Revolution award for Innovation
IMA Special Award for Technological Innovation
D&AD Silver Pencil for Mobile Marketing
OMMA Awards 2008 – Best In Show
Mobile Advertising UK event Awards 2008 – Mobile Campaign of the Year

So here is the deal, the campaign allowed consumers to use their mobile phones to choose colors they liked from the world around them, and have these colors incorporated into a customized pair of Nike running shoes.

This was one of the first campaigns to exploit visual interactivity to engage consumers, and although the campaign is no longer active, it is still a great example of creative use of innovation for marketing.

Here is the video they used to promote it….

What do you think?

Adidas Urban Art Guide to Berlin

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Adidas is no stranger to the street culture scene, and their latest move seems right on target: the Adidas Urban Art Guide to Berlin is an iPhone travel guide listing Berlin’s best graffiti.

Users download the application for free, giving them access to a Google map of Berlin that’s pegged with the locations of its urban art masterpieces. The map can be navigated in several ways: “Find artworks nearby” provides users with a map of art works in their immediate vicinity; “Tour guide” calls up a curated walking tour of local urban art; and “Gallery” gives users the option to browse the city’s street art and then seek out their favourite pieces. Users can click on each marked location to call up images as well as information about the piece, the artist and further references.

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McDonalds Piccadilly Circus…

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Clever billboard adverts to engage its audience…


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Thanks to @carlmartin & @richardhiscutt for sharing!
About Yellowbird…

“What does a bird have to do with the latest recording and displaying technology? Everything. Our technology is abot enjoying a 360 degree view. A view that reaches beyond todays standard perspective and that is exprienced by viewers as if they are floating. Just like a bird soaring through the sky.

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