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goToAndPlay10 is a showcase of the latest BA Interactive Media Production (the course I studied) students from Bournemouth University.

I went along to the first event this evening, and there were some cool projects to play with. Will do a little write up on my favourite pieces shortly.

Anyway if you are in the Bournemouth area, drop by and check it out. As the site says:

“This years graduates have as ever, created a diverse array of final year projects, all of which display their skills and creativity within the current interactive market. From virtual realities to online networks, all platforms of interactivity can be seen and explored for yourselves!”

There is also a London show:
London – Dare Digital

  • Saturday 12th June 2010 at 1pm – 4pm in Reception
  • Sunday 13th June 2010 at 2pm – 5pm in Reception

So there is no excuse…


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I was told about this whilst at bTween09 but never got round to looking at this the other day…

ecoDrive is a fantastic idea that embraces new technology to improves the way in which Fiat owner’s drive. Owners of Fiat’s plug in a small USB stick into their car and it monitors the way in which they drive. Collecting information on fuel consumption, speeds and length of journeys etc…Users then take the USB stick out the car and pop it into their PC/Mac’s and it relays information to them, suggest ways in which to lower their CO2 emissions.

This funky viral video has been used to promote the facility….and I can see it taking off in a big way. I could see my Dad for instance trying to beat his MPG each time he drove. Not only is this amazing for the users, but Fiat is also collecting mountains of useful data with regards to people driving patterns, so everyone’s a winner.

Kind of want a fiat now…or a car for that matter!

Adidas Urban Art Guide to Berlin

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Adidas is no stranger to the street culture scene, and their latest move seems right on target: the Adidas Urban Art Guide to Berlin is an iPhone travel guide listing Berlin’s best graffiti.

Users download the application for free, giving them access to a Google map of Berlin that’s pegged with the locations of its urban art masterpieces. The map can be navigated in several ways: “Find artworks nearby” provides users with a map of art works in their immediate vicinity; “Tour guide” calls up a curated walking tour of local urban art; and “Gallery” gives users the option to browse the city’s street art and then seek out their favourite pieces. Users can click on each marked location to call up images as well as information about the piece, the artist and further references.

Also see…

Ever get bored of talking on the phone?

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US start up Ambient Corporation has a neckband able to pick up the nerve signals the brain sends to the muscles in the voicebox and have a computer decode them. They realised that those signals are sent even when a person thinks about speaking without actually making a sound. As a result, a person wearing the neckband can think a phrase and have the computer recognise it. The video below shows it in action and this article explains more about how it works and how it could benefit phone users and victims of paralysis.

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