Robyn – Killing Me Interactive Video

Posted in Advertisement, advertising, Alternative advertising, animation, Art, Design, interactive, music, viral by tomgooday on June 29, 2010

Don’t tell Robyn what to F*#NG do

Swedish pop star Robyn has a quirky new album and a clever interactive video for the song “Don’t fucking tell me what to do”.

The video is written entirely in code, and feeds in content from fans via Twitter. The beginning of the video features words from the song, in which Robyn sings about the various vices that are killing her. In the second half of the song, the website feeds in tweets from fans stating the things that are killing them, with their name credited at the bottom of the webpage. Oh, and it is in 3D too! via Creative Review & Blogilvy

Really nice idea and I even like the song. Cant watch the video for too long though, feel like I am going to pass out! I wonder what television spot will look like?

Ok GO!

Posted in Alternative advertising, Art, Design, Other Stuff, viral by tomgooday on March 10, 2010

Ok. This video by OK GO is unreal. If you have ever read my blog before you will know how much I love that Honda Cog advertisement….well I would have to say that I may just love this even more…even if there is an element of creative copying going on!

I saw this video the day it is put on YouTube and it was on 600 or so views. Currently (March 10th its nearly 7 million).

Anyway check it out…its good!