Google Chrome Fastball Game

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Been meaning to post this for a while…The Google Chrome Fastball Game. Check out the demo below…pretty cool idea and really nicely put together…

Basically you race across the net completing small an quirky tasks in record time, miss an answer and it will slow you down, skip and you’ll pay a penalty.

Here how I did:

Are you Chrome Fast?

Google Envelope

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Saw this and it made my day!

The Google Job Experiment

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Meant to post this a while ago but forgot. Very good idea.

World Cup – Online

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As an avid football fan I am always on the lookout for nice football related digital work and I think that I have two nice examples centered around the World Cup.

1. Marca WC interactive calendar

The online calendar features all of the fixtures for the entire World Cup on one screen.
It’s clever, dynamic and ergonomic. It remains intuitive, and is an excellent example of an infographic.

2. Google: World Cup

Currently if you search for ‘World Cup’ on Google and scroll to the pagination at the bottom of page you are greeted with a nice little suprise…

Nice little feature by Google to accompany the tournament in South Africa this summer.

I will keep my eyes peeled for more nice online work regarding the World Cup, so this may well become Part 1…

Introducing Google TV

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Google Pacman

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As a human, I have to use Google pretty much everyday (there are other search engine out there, but I don’t tend you use them) so what a pleasant surprise it was to find this.

On Friday 21st May 2010 Google, famous for altering their iconic logo converted it into a playable game to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man.

Don’t tell my boss but I definitely spent a while playing this on Friday afternoon!

Will they ever do this again? Probably not, so I guess it was a momentous occasion. Maybe?

Another great use of Google Maps…

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This was drawn to my attention on Twitter and I thought it was worthy of a blog post…

Basically a copywriter has managed to weave his CV onto Google Maps. Locating specific points where he

has studied, lived, worked etc…he has then mailed this to perspective employers…great thinking!

Well done Ed Hamilton, I hope you get a job!

Google Maps