Google Chrome Fastball Game

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Been meaning to post this for a while…The Google Chrome Fastball Game. Check out the demo below…pretty cool idea and really nicely put together…

Basically you race across the net completing small an quirky tasks in record time, miss an answer and it will slow you down, skip and you’ll pay a penalty.

Here how I did:

Are you Chrome Fast?


Old Spice taking over the Internet

It seems wherever I turn at the moment I am graced with a new Old Spice advert. However I am not complaining the campaign is nothing short of perfection!

Ok so this is the original advert from February 2010…

Currently its been viewed by almost 13 million people and that is only in the last 5 or so months.

The next step in the path to taking over the Internet occured yesterday, as Old Spice begin delivering personal video replies to tweets (and now even YouTube and Facebook comments)! Hows that for real time networking?

Yep, if you have tweeted about Old Spice, chances are you might have an @reply with a custom made video just for you.

Here’s just a few examples:

On Twitter, rosemcgowan wrote “I like it too! @Oldspice I told my husband I have a crush on you. Oddly, he started using the oldspice deodorant. (via @Alyssa_Milano)”

On Twitter, jsbeals wrote “@OldSpice Can U Ask my girlfriend to marry me? Her name is Angela A. Hutt-Chamberlin #Johannes S. #Beals”

Get in on the action by tweeting @oldspice and you might be lucky enough to get a custom video reply.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel here they are adding new videos by the second…well actually almost 120 videos in the last 24 hours alone, with each and everyone one a strategic response to a tweet or YouTube or Facebook comment.

This definitely on of the best social meets viral strategy I’ve seen, and certainly my favourite. Using the powering of social networking they have managed to get people talking about their brand all over the interweb efficiently and effectively by recording personalised videos for hundreds of tweeps. Bravo.

This site has also just been created:

Which allows you to create your own customisable Old Spice man voicemail message. Created by @chriswastaken I can imagine he will be getting a far few more followers in the coming hours! Again bravo

The taste of Yellow – Yellow Pages

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Brilliant integrated campaign for the Yellow Pages in New Zealand called Yellow Chocolate.

In January 2010 a new chocolate bar was launched in 2010, and it became the fastest selling chocolate bar in New Zealand, overight, outselling snickers two to one.

So they auditioned for average everyday New Zealander, who would use the power of the yellow pages to create a new brand of chocolate, that tastes like YELLOW!

One rule…he could only get help from businesses listed in the Yellow Pages.

Television spots plotted his progress and users could interact with Josh (the everyday guy that was chosen) via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the video to see how he got on

Simply brilliant.

Golden Grant – Golden Grahams

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Golden Grahams was a popular kids’ cereal in the 80’s. With no cereal advertising targeting young adults, they wanted to reconnect the grown-up target with their beloved childhood cereal. To lighten the mood for “Generation Unemployed,” Golden Grahams created a cathartic online home for them to share their ridiculous job search stories. 1000 people won the Golden Grant stimulus package: 12 boxes of Golden Grahams. They also animated the funniest stories, fueling job searches with laughter AND sustenance. In just 3 months of the promotion with 0 paid media, Golden Grahams has gained 15k friends, followers, and subscribers on social networks, where previously it had no official presence or fanbase. The sweepstakes earned the brand 150k site visits with an average of more than 4 minute spent on site, 2.5 million video views, and 25k entries. It generated buzz within our target audience, earning more than 7k social media mentions with brand and campaign sentiment being 99% positive.

(via watch the video for more info)

Here are a couple of my favourites animation that have come from the campaign…

World Cup 2010 Twitter replay

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Forget the highlights show on TV, if you miss any game of the World Cup just visit this site.

A really nice and innovative visualisation from the guys at the Guardian, pick any game and see how the twitter traffic reacted as the game played out! Really nice!

Ericsson Big Cheer Confetti

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This is very bizarre viral campaign produced for Ericsson to create a buzz around the World Cup.

Send your cheer by text or twitter, then watch it get printed out, shredded and added to the confetti in the big box in the room.

It really is  a pretty pointless exercise, but nevertheless it’s also the sort of thing that just might become very popular!


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Found this today whilst on twitter. A new book has been published called ‘Oh my God what happened and what should I do?’ and I thought it was interesting for a couple of reason.

Firstly as the site says “This book is for everyone who wants to move into the digital era of awesomeness”. Working in the digital media industry I felt it was my duty to have a closer look. The second being the way in which you could purchase the book, with a single tweet!

I thought this was a really clever and innovative idea, so I decided to do it. Significantly the Pay with a Tweet model is based on the “Forced Viral” tactic, which is one learning you can find in the book.

Would love to know the ratio of how many people have purchased the book from amazon and twitter though. Anyway great work by @innothunder. Going to have a read over the next few days and will post a review shortly.

Twitter Visualizer

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Those crazy Japanese (that is meant affectionately) pull out some more twitter craziness!

Have a try with your twitter ID or a keyword. Basically creates a collection of tweets from people you follow and displays them in them in a crazy parade. Nice, but a bit out there!

Guardian Fans’ Network

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The idea of the Guardian Fans’ Network is simple: harness the talent and expertise of you, the reader – and, hopefully, also you the writer, photographer, pundit and, in some cases, self-publisher – to help create a brilliant World Cup site. (via

What a great idea to engage the online audience of the World Cup. Selected bloggers and tweeters will cast their eyes over proceedings and the site will form a hub of online discussion. Another nice feature is that anyone can log on and immediately rate players after every match – ratings that won’t just go online but into the next day’s Guardian and Observer newspapers.

Each country is respresented with tweeters/bloggers…

Here are the English counterparts:











And last and deservedly least



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I found some cool online work by Uniqlo (a Japanese clothing store), see what you think…


I love this campaign, really smart and fresh, what a fantastic piece of… media? advertising? promotion?

2. UNIQLO color Tweet

Okay so it has no real value or reason but this fun little website called Color Tweet allows you to enter your Twitter name and it creates a wacky movie featuring your icon and your tweets….

3. UNIQLO U Tweet

Along the same lines as the Color Tweet but this time U tweet creates a funky video of your tweets without the varying colors (sorry for the US spellings).

Again a bit crazy but still pretty cool…check them out.