Volkswagen Public Polo (Pak de Polo)

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What happens when you make one car public propety?

One car for anyone to drive.

One car you can keep if you cover the biggest distance.

One rule, if someone stops you, its game over.

Here’s what…

For 8 days, the new Polo became public property. Drivers had one goal: drive as many kilometers as possible, and you could win the new Polo. Cameras were mounted on the Polo to stream live images to the campaign site – 12 hours per day, 8 days long. The car’s route was solely determined by website visitors. By entering their postal code, they could steer the Polo toward their neighborhood. The introduction was announced to the general public in a series of short, teasing TV commercials. The Polo could also be followed daily, live on radio. The emphasis of the campaign was on online media and participation. For example, people could ‘steal’ the Polo from each other social network profiles. And we challenged renowned blogs to participate in Get the Polo campaign. (via )

In 8 days 175 people got the polo and drove over 2500km.

Another brilliant idea!

Adidas Match Tracker Visualisation App

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Fantastic app by Adidas, that really blurs the lines between advertising, content and education.

It is a digital tool for those who want to better understand the game of football. Therefore this emcompasses fans and players alike.

Its for those who love football, play football, study football, and those who live and breathe football.

The App provides the ultimate match analysis, it tracks every pass, every shot, every formation from any match in the 2010 champions league.

I feel I could be spending a lot of time on this. Hope you like it as much as me?

Webcam Banner Game

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Another World Cup campaign, this time Augmented Reality Game Banner for AT&T on (created by Zugura, BBDO and Zoic Studios).

Connect with you webcam and the game allows you to try and score a header against a very dubious goalkeeper. The interaction works nicely and it is a fun game to brighten up the day. There isn’t a lot more to it than that, but I must say its a very cool concept!



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goToAndPlay10 is a showcase of the latest BA Interactive Media Production (the course I studied) students from Bournemouth University.

I went along to the first event this evening, and there were some cool projects to play with. Will do a little write up on my favourite pieces shortly.

Anyway if you are in the Bournemouth area, drop by and check it out. As the site says:

“This years graduates have as ever, created a diverse array of final year projects, all of which display their skills and creativity within the current interactive market. From virtual realities to online networks, all platforms of interactivity can be seen and explored for yourselves!”

There is also a London show:
London – Dare Digital

  • Saturday 12th June 2010 at 1pm – 4pm in Reception
  • Sunday 13th June 2010 at 2pm – 5pm in Reception

So there is no excuse…

Tweety Uppy

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This is a cool little twitter based game by Comet. The idea is to compile a team of tweeters and kick the ‘ball’ between each other keep the tweety uppy going, otherwise you will receive a boo from the crowd.

Teams have 2 hours to pass the ‘ball’ and keep the chain going. The longest chain wins, currently the longest chain is only 5. I am going to compile a team and try and win the 50” plasma, who’s with me?

Most addictive game in the world…FACT!

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I am pretty adamant that this is the most addictive game in the world….

I have been wasting dedicating many hours to try and improve my score….see what you think and if you agree….

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Google Street View Mashup

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Absolutely love this use of google street view….

To promote their latest release ‘In this light and on this evening’ Editors have produced this clever street view mashup….

The aim of the game is to move through the streets until the dot (on the left)is in the middle of the radar.

Picture 3

This makes me wonder what other ways Google street view is being used….if you know of any let me know I would love to see them.

Little Wheel…

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About WiiSpray

The foundational basis for the project goes well beyond replacing real graffiti as an art form.  Moreover, WiiSpray
is to be seen as an interface to give graffiti a new virtual level surpassing tactile boundaries of the tangible world.

Within the system, there is a symbiosis of digital and analog as well as overcoming restrictions of distance and time.  An advantage of the system proves to possess a user-friendly design simple enough for children to use.  The virtual canvas allows the user to decide what is saved and what is discarded, all the while keeping the surrounding area clean and free of what otherwise would be a messy form of media.

The actual hardware tool of the artist – the spraying can – remains constant in its shape and
function and is a catalyst for this software supporting innovative computer interaction.  The self-explanatory program requires no previous knowledge or reference of a user’s manual.  This software allows users to make the game all their own, offering a wide
range of colors, interchangable caps, along with the possibility to incorporate the user’s personal photos, graphics, and backgrounds into the setting.

The WiiSpray provides a framework of different possibilities yet without any specifications on how to use it. Every user decides for themselves what his or her creative expressions might be.

WiiSpray is independent of platforms and is based on »Adobe Flash«,
a »WiiiSpray server« how is based on the »WiiFlash server«, and standard »Wii« technology.

WiiSpray, a technical experiment with a lot of potential for expansion and application.

Martin Lihs 2009

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