Statistics: The State Of The Internet Video

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Google – Interesting Facts and Figures

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Ok GO!

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Ok. This video by OK GO is unreal. If you have ever read my blog before you will know how much I love that Honda Cog advertisement….well I would have to say that I may just love this even more…even if there is an element of creative copying going on!

I saw this video the day it is put on YouTube and it was on 600 or so views. Currently (March 10th its nearly 7 million).

Anyway check it out…its good!

Another great use of Google Maps…

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This was drawn to my attention on Twitter and I thought it was worthy of a blog post…

Basically a copywriter has managed to weave his CV onto Google Maps. Locating specific points where he

has studied, lived, worked etc…he has then mailed this to perspective employers…great thinking!

Well done Ed Hamilton, I hope you get a job!

Google Maps