Posted in Alternative advertising, viral by tomgooday on July 8, 2009

I was told about this whilst at bTween09 but never got round to looking at this the other day…

ecoDrive is a fantastic idea that embraces new technology to improves the way in which Fiat owner’s drive. Owners of Fiat’s plug in a small USB stick into their car and it monitors the way in which they drive. Collecting information on fuel consumption, speeds and length of journeys etc…Users then take the USB stick out the car and pop it into their PC/Mac’s and it relays information to them, suggest ways in which to lower their CO2 emissions.

This funky viral video has been used to promote the facility….and I can see it taking off in a big way. I could see my Dad for instance trying to beat his MPG each time he drove. Not only is this amazing for the users, but Fiat is also collecting mountains of useful data with regards to people driving patterns, so everyone’s a winner.

Kind of want a fiat now…or a car for that matter!