Chat roulette – Marketing tool?

Posted in Advertisement, advertising, Alternative advertising, viral by tomgooday on May 26, 2010

Here is another new chat roulette campaign, it’s a viral campaign for Buzz TV in Spain, a TV station that claims to be Intense, Real and has No Limits.  So this is perhaps the most visual of all the campaigns I’ve seen so far and it uses the shock factor very well.

The viral campaign video managed over 125,000 views on YouTube in just a few weeks.  ( I personally think that the campaign has been executed perfectly (excuse the pun).

Here are another couple of good uses of chatroulette, that you may or may have not have seen. The chat roulette cheerleader was used by Dr Pepper to promote their slogan ‘what’s the worse that could happen’. I feel that this could have been a lot funnier, but still quite a good use of the medium.

Improv Piano has always gained a number a views, and also made me smile.

Best use of chatroulette too, see if you fall for it?