Disneyland Paris: They are coming – Nice use of Facebook Connect

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Stumbled upon this quirky little promotion for Disneyland Paris to celebrate the arrival of the New Generation in the French theme park. Choose either the Incredibles or Toy Story characters and then allow the Facebook connect application access your profile, and the characters interact before your eyes.

Just need to learn French now!

Robyn – Killing Me Interactive Video

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Don’t tell Robyn what to F*#NG do

Swedish pop star Robyn has a quirky new album and a clever interactive video for the song “Don’t fucking tell me what to do”.

The video is written entirely in code, and feeds in content from fans via Twitter. The beginning of the video features words from the song, in which Robyn sings about the various vices that are killing her. In the second half of the song, the website feeds in tweets from fans stating the things that are killing them, with their name credited at the bottom of the webpage. Oh, and it is in 3D too! via Creative Review & Blogilvy

Really nice idea and I even like the song. Cant watch the video for too long though, feel like I am going to pass out! I wonder what television spot will look like?

Golden Grant – Golden Grahams

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Golden Grahams was a popular kids’ cereal in the 80’s. With no cereal advertising targeting young adults, they wanted to reconnect the grown-up target with their beloved childhood cereal. To lighten the mood for “Generation Unemployed,” Golden Grahams created a cathartic online home for them to share their ridiculous job search stories. 1000 people won the Golden Grant stimulus package: 12 boxes of Golden Grahams. They also animated the funniest stories, fueling job searches with laughter AND sustenance. In just 3 months of the promotion with 0 paid media, Golden Grahams has gained 15k friends, followers, and subscribers on social networks, where previously it had no official presence or fanbase. The sweepstakes earned the brand 150k site visits with an average of more than 4 minute spent on site, 2.5 million video views, and 25k entries. It generated buzz within our target audience, earning more than 7k social media mentions with brand and campaign sentiment being 99% positive.

(via http://mccannny.com/Golden%20Grant/ watch the video for more info)

Here are a couple of my favourites animation that have come from the campaign…

Write Your Headline – Write The Future

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Using the Twitter hashtag #NikeFuture or the Facebook app send in your headline for the day’s biggest playmaker. If selected, we’ll send you a photo of your headline and hero lighting up the African skyline.

Submit your headline: http://go.nike.com/WhoWillWriteTheFuture

Nice social integration!

Live train map for the London Underground

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This map shows all trains on the London Underground network in approximately real time. The yellow pins are stations, the red pins trains. I think this could be a really useful tool, especially if it was on hand held devices…excellent visualisation tool.

How does it work?

Live departure data is fetched from the TfL API, and then it does a bit of maths and magic. It’s surprisingly okay given this was done in only a few hours at Science Hackday

Who did this?

Matthew Somerville (with helpful hinderances from Frances Berriman and James Aylett). Source code.

Cant believe this is all constructed in one day. Quite amazing. Hats off.

Samsung 3D Projection Mapping

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This is really clever projection mapping for Samsung to promote their new range of 3D LED TV’s.

Even more cool is this YouTube game (the first of its kind)

Super Mario Stop Motion with post its!

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Amazing Animated Optical Illusions

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To reproduce the effect, make 7 layers in a photoshop file, 6 layers with the differents step of the animation, the 7th with the black stripes mask, with this sequence: 1/6 width transparent, 5/6 width black, 1/6 transparent, 5/6 black, and so on, when done, make a selection of this mask and erase with it on each other layer, move the selection of 1/6 after every layer, then merge the 6 pictures and print the both, the merged picture and the grid and…. lets see !


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I found some cool online work by Uniqlo (a Japanese clothing store), see what you think…



I love this campaign, really smart and fresh, what a fantastic piece of… media? advertising? promotion?

2. UNIQLO color Tweet


Okay so it has no real value or reason but this fun little website called Color Tweet allows you to enter your Twitter name and it creates a wacky movie featuring your icon and your tweets….

3. UNIQLO U Tweet


Along the same lines as the Color Tweet but this time U tweet creates a funky video of your tweets without the varying colors (sorry for the US spellings).

Again a bit crazy but still pretty cool…check them out.

Logo is cool!

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Ok I have found a couple of cool lego contraptions recently that I thought were worth sharing. They are a lot more complex than I ever thought imaginable…

1. Lego Printer

2. Supercuber

Oh and I thought I would show you this too…just because I can, and it is amazing!

8 bit Trip – Stop Motion animation