GlastoTag – One huge festival photo. A whole load of tags

This is really cool campaign by Orange, they are aiming for the Guinness World Record for the ‘most people tagged in an online photo’ with this 1,300-megapixel picture captured at around 3.45pm on 23 June from Pyramid Stage @ this year Glastonbury Festival. I didn’t go but I kind of wish I had gone, just so I could tag myself in this!

Looks as if I am not the only one who likes this!

What really makes the site useful is the ability to filter the tags to show just your tagged Facebook friends, as undoubtedly you would have lost them at some point. It’s cool to also find out those of your friends you didn’t know were at Glasto!

Well done Orange, didn’t think I’d ever say that!

Facebook in real life

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Facebook: Facts & Figures For 2010

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Jason Derulo – I’m ridin’ solo

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Stumbled upon this clever use of facebook.

The app basically allows you to change your relationship status on facebook from single to ‘ridin’ solo’. Simple yet effective.

The Facebook ‘Like” button stamp

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So the ‘like’ button as become synonymous on the web…now own it for real!

If you’re interested in owning your own,  email to register your interest.


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