Clever advertising campaigns

Posted in Advertisement, advertising, Alternative advertising, Design by tomgooday on June 23, 2010

Haven’t written one of these for a while, but here are a few campaigns that I have found recently.

The objective was to present a new line of dog food with full vitamins, so we were searching places where owners and their dogs spent a lot of time and we came up with an idea to put a few dogs in those places, but they had tied up in their neck a human arm so we can prove the power and strength of the new dog food.

This is a nice installation from Nokia. A digital panel in the shape of arrow was lifted 50 metres above London by a crane. Then people were able to send text messages directly to the live sign with their favourite places to visit, and the arrow would move to point to that location, and also provide the distance, the installation was streamed live to Wish I’d seen this for real.

Polo embracing the adverse weather conditions in 2009.

Plastic Pollution Coalition: Plastic is Forever, Statues caught in stunt – The guerrilla stunt protests againtst the impact of single-use plastic on marine and wildlife. Giant plastic six-pack rings were placed on iconic Vancouver sculptures, gaining the attention of commuters and tourists.

Everyone knows you cant fold a piece of paper too many times, didnt realise you could use it as advertising.


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