Durex: Baby App

Posted in Advertisement, advertising, Alternative advertising, viral by tomgooday on June 22, 2010

Durex Condoms has released a great new iPhone app that replicates what it’s like to care for a new born child. By downloading the app a user can impregnate another iphone by rubbing their phone against another thus causing the user to have to take care of a virtual baby.

The virtual baby will act like a real new born and require constant attention. The only way to stop the baby requiring constant attention,  is by getting a link to the condom app through the QR Code on the branded durex condom packets.

What a novel idea to help guys relate to the duties involved in caring for a baby, but additionally it sells condoms. To avoid hearing the baby crying and having to feed it all the time we will buy the the condoms for the QR code. But most importantly, we will now use them to avoid having to do this in real life.

via (http://www.ibelieveinadv.com)


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