Alternative Advertising Campaigns Part II

Posted in Alternative advertising, Art, Other Stuff, viral by tomgooday on August 4, 2009

My first alternative advertising post seemed to be quite successful, so I thought I would give it another bash.


McDonald’s wanted to advertise its quick breakfast meals to overworked professionals in fast-paced Hong Kong. They placed a bed in a busy subway station, and hired a model wearing office garb to nap in it. The sheets were printed with an image of a plate of McDonald’s eggs, sausages, and hash browns.


Adidas cleverly placed this advert (and bin) on tall poles to promote their new basketball shoes….



To get Asian audiences to pay attention to American TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Sony Entertainment Television’s action-themed AXN network enlisted Saatchi & Saatchi to develop a show-stopping campaign. The agency staged what looked like gruesome murder scenes (like this one) around Singapore. The yellow police tape was printed with CSI viewing schedules.


Pepsi branded a number of their vehicles with eye catching designs…



These adverts were placed on cars parked outside pubs to make people aware of the dangers of drink drinking…


Axe used fire escapes to help promote its new range of deodorant it an extremely innovative way…


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