Alternative advertising Campaigns…

Posted in Alternative advertising, Art, Design, viral by tomgooday on July 29, 2009


Adidas – sponsored a soccer match between two athletes suspended high above the street on wires, with an Adidas billboard serving as the soccer field.


Volkswagen – Sculptors had spent 350 hours chiseling a nine-ton block of frozen water to create the VW. Conceived by the DDB London ad agency, the ice car melted away in just 12 hours. But it generated four weeks’ worth of press in Britain…


Canadian agency Rethink came up with a low-budget promotion for security glass for a Vancouver manufacturer. Rethink built a glass-walled bus shelter — and stuffed the space between the shatter-proof panes with what looked like $3 million Canadian. (The cash was mostly counterfeit, with 500 real dollars on top to provide authenticity. Passersby were caught punching and kicking the shelter in an effort to get the money.


Clever head rest covers…


Virgin Atlantic used eggs to show how care they are with luggage….


MSN 8 –  16,000 butterfly stickers affixed on shop windows, in subway stations, and on walls all over New York City.  Although the stickers clung to surfaces with static electricity rather than glue, the campaign was illegal, and Microsoft issued a public apology to the City of New York.


Coffee while you wait? Perfect advertising opportunity.


To promote disaster movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ to Indian audiences a sign was placed in the sea….


Spiderman 2 advertisement found in an American toilet….

More to follow later this week…which is your favourite?


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  1. machoman said, on August 9, 2009 at 5:37 am

    thank you! I really liked this post!

    • tomgooday said, on October 1, 2009 at 11:37 am

      Thank you, glad you like it.

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