Clean Advertising

Posted in Alternative advertising, Art by tomgooday on April 23, 2009

Clean advertising is a beautifully simple and highly targeted natural media which works by literally cleaning your advert in any high footfall urban location. Also known as reverse graffiti, clean graffiti and street advertising, we use specialist equipment and laser cut stencils to selectively clean the dirt away from pavements and walls. The resultant clean advert is created by the stark contrast between the original colour of the dirty surface and the as new clean colour.

CURB is the world’s first natural media company. We offer a range of highly effective media solutions solely using natural earth elements. We have created a portfolio of unique eco-advertising services and a crack green team of creative experts, to provide clients with outstanding natural marketing which impacts on their target consumer without impacting on the environment.

Our natural media has already achieved worldwide coverage and put simply we offer a viable and effective choice for clients and agencies looking to integrate nature into their marketing communications.

Our approach…

Why can’t a great media solution be sustainable, natural and highly effective?

The lack of viable answers to this simple question, is the inspiration for CURB and forms the basis of everything we do. We are committed to only ever using natural earth elements in our media portfolio and providing a range of media which are not only sustainable and effective but can also generate substantial return on investment for our clients.

Ultimately we believe that it is not just what you say in your communications but also the medium you use!


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