Kenyan Skiers…

Posted in Alternative advertising by tomgooday on March 19, 2009

“No Logo” by Naomi Klein  has  introduced some interesting ideas, my favourite being:

This is an extreme case of alternative advertising but nevertheless companies seem to be adopting more and more radical ideas to promote their brand or product. Nike is just one of these corporations that has used such radical approaches

“We were sitting around the office one day and we said, “What if we took Kenyan runners and transferred their skills to cross-country skiing””(Mark Bossardet, 1995, citied Klein, 2000, 53)

Kenyan runners have become synonymous with long distance running events since the 1968 Olympics. “Nike found its test-tube subjects in two mid-level runners, Phillip Boit and Henry Bitok. (Klein, 2000, 53) To complete the feat Nike spent $250, 000 for training in Finland and paid the runners (if we can call them that) a salary, alongside custom designed uniforms (Klein, 2000, 53), which of course was emblazoned with the Nike swoosh. This publicity stunt was all commissioned to raise awareness, and that it did, but is this taking advertising to a new extreme level in order to penetrate our personal space, by tugging at the heart strings of the audience?

Phillip Boit and Henry Bitok

Your thoughts…..


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