Google Street View…

Posted in Other Stuff by tomgooday on March 19, 2009


I have just sat down at had a proper nose around London, looking at where I done my placement and a couple of my friends flats…

I actually cant believe the power of google. A few years back I thought it was amazing that they had taken a picture of my house and that my car was on the driveway… But now this is one step further.

I am not too sure that they have got the functionality down to a T yet, but I am sure that will come. Clicking a arrow when zoomed in merely moving you along the street a number of metres. I think this will improve significantly as the site develops. However the power of this is unbelievable, and I am sure that you could use this for some very interesting concepts. How about online orienteering, or intergrating it into an ARG?

My aim now is to camp outside my house and make sure that google snap me!!

Also found this…made me chuckle..


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