Posted in Alternative advertising, Other Stuff by tomgooday on March 18, 2009

Ok I really want to go and see watchmen, to see what all the hype is really. It was top of both the US and UK box offices last week, so I thought I would do a bit of research on it.  To my astonishment I found the opening credits online….

The special effects firm that put together the opening credit sequence for Watchmen, yu+Co, posted them to their Web site on March 6. Now yu+Co’s taken the titles down, per Watchmen studio Warner Bros’ request. However you can still find them pretty easily.

I can never understand film company’s that don’t utilise free publicity, surely getting the trailer online to as many people as possible will be beneficial for box office takings? I for one now really want to see the film and this has just wet my appetite…

Anyway I will write more about this later!


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