Mark Zuckerberg joins twitter…

Posted in Other Stuff by tomgooday on March 17, 2009
Zuckerberg on twitter!

Ok that title may mean nothing to a lot of you, but for online generation this is big news, well for me anyway. Mark Zuckerberg is the “creator” of facebook. I have placed creator it inside inverted commars as this has also been a hot topic for debate.

So apparently he stole the idea from peers, but they managed to agree an out of court settlement. The peers also started a social networking site around the same time ‘ConnectU’ however that failed to grow in the same manner as Facebook, and therefore they wanted compensation. So was he really the brains/ideas behind the company? That I feel is still up in the air, as money talks, as the CONNECTU guys reported received $65 million, enough to keep anyone quiet!

Anyway back to the title. Mark Zuckerberg joining twitter is an important online development. Twiter is said to be the ‘next big thing’ in the online world. So is he joining to use the site or to try and extract ideas, I personally feel the latter. Facebook has just undergone a redesign and I cant help but notice some twitter-esque features. Being able to post to just one person wall for instance, draws similarties from the way in which twitter is structured. Additonally the status functionality has also been altered, facebook now asks “whats is on your mind?”.

Thomas Gooday is thinking facebook is becoming ever more like twitter!!!

Twitter has also only ever asked you one question, “what are you doing?”, can anyone else see the similarities. I am sure a lot of other people will have blogged about the situation already, but here are my thoughts, I would love to know yours…leave a comment on here or twitter me and Facebook is beginning to annoy me!



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