Posted in Work stuff by tomgooday on March 16, 2009

I have loosely been following the online narrative that is routes. As I am typing this I have just seen two adverts on TV plugging the website. The site is a collaboration between channel 4 and the wellcome trust and is intended to introduce kids to genetic using a new an exciting platform.

“Routes is an eight week game from Channel 4 Education in association with the Wellcome Trust. Routes is live from January 26th through to March 26th, and during that time players will be invited into a world of genetics, evolution and the human genome.”

The site was first brought to my attention when Matt Locke (4ip) came into talk to our MACME students at one of their residentials. He talked through the premise of the site and different types of interaction the users would experience. There is an online narrative in the form of videos and blogs, these videos show comedian Katherine Ryan trying to get the bottom of her genes. Having had cancer twice she is eager to know whether it could have been avoided. There are also games and facts that sit alongside the ongoing narrative.  I must admit when I first heard the idea I was a little sceptical, but I have preserved with it, and I have gradually started to warm to the concept.

So we are about six and half weeks down, and I must admit I have started to loose touch with the narrative. But constantly receiving email about the narrative means that I could easily catch up… Additionally as all of the content remains on the remains, an archive is being generated for all users to access…

Why not check it out for yourself, I think there is a murder to solve at present.


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